Colton Connor Wise​​

11-15-04 to 12-11-14

Colton is my son, my 1st born.  He was one of the purest of heart children I have ever known.  A miracle child from the moment he was born, he was and will always be my hero.  He suddenly collapsed and passed away in a blink of an eye, December 11th 2014.

​In Colt's short life, he affected many in a positive way.  He was known for not only being a gifted student, but for seeing the good in everyone.  All he ever wanted to do was love and be loved.  His giving spirit continued even in death, as he was an organ donor.  

As much as we miss and grieve for our son, we will try and honor him and give Glory to the God that Colton knew and loved with all of his heart.

​In memory of our precious Colton, The Colton Wise Memorial Foundation was created.