Our Vision

​A secluded, peaceful 20+ acres, including a lake, private cabin available to families, an abundance of wildlife, beautiful gardens, trails and so much more

We want to offer many different opportunities for our community, including:

Pastoral Retreats

Youth Retreats

Getaway for Grieving families

 Animal Encounters / Petting Zoo

Fishing / Camping

​Company Picnics / Weddings


​Bible Studies

What Are We Doing Until Then?

​We are currently trying to make a positive difference in people's lives one day, one moment at a time.  This year, was our first "15 Days of Giving".  We took December 11th, the day we lost Colton, and tried to turn it into something good in Colt's memory and giving heart.  From December 11th - December 25th, we gave a small blessing each day.  We chose grieving families, widows, people that have inspired us and some that may have just needed to smile.  Trying to personalize each gift, we sent gift certificates to restaurants, spas, family fun days, Christian book stores, sent flowers and made some memorial candles in their loved ones memory.  We felt it was a huge success and was very therapeutic for us during the 3rd holiday season without Colton.  We look forward to doing this again next year and hope to add a "Christmas in July" type event as well.