​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About Our Board

     Terri Wise  /  President

                                                  Terri and  Bryan have been married for 13 years, and were blessed with 3 beautiful children. She has over 10 years                                                               experience as a licensed  insurance agent, started her own business in 2010 with her husband doing educational animal                                                        programs and also works full-time for Akron General.  After the unexpected loss of her oldest son, Colton, God had                                                             placed a vision on her heart for Our Peace of Heaven.  The Wise's, being a Christian family, started The Colton Wise                                                           Memorial Foundation in Colt's memory in an effort to turn their grief into something positive for others.


     Bryan Wise  /  Vice President

                                                       Bryan has worked for the City of Cleveland for over 25 years. He is also co-owner of Our Zoo To You, a business he                                                          started with Terri, that uses their animals in educational programs throughout Medina and surrounding counties.                                                                  Bryan's life and heart were changed forever after the loss of his son, Colton.  Early on in the grieving process, Bryan                                                            realized that not only do grieving families need counseling, but may also seek comfort and healing in other                                                                            ways.  That is when the foundation began to be laid for Our Peace of Heaven.  Bryan's new focus is on creating a place                                                        filled with peace, hope and love for all seeking to strengthen their relationship with God.  


       Patty Hartley  /  Secretary

                                                        ​Patty is not only  the foundation's secretary, but she is one of the most dearest friends to our family.  She has

​                                                        always been supportive and has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know.  She truly loved Colton as

                                                        much as he loved her.  We are blessed to have her be a part of our team.




                  ​​Guy McNeil


                                                  Guy is a 25 year Corporate Executive, accomplished at building elite teams and strategic innovation.

                                                 Among his passions are working with mentally challenged adults and bringing laughter to children.  Guy

                                                 is also one of our trusted friends as well as our neighbor and he loved Colton as if he was his own.  He

                                                 was adored by Colton and Guy was one of  Colt's closest friends.